Payroll Tax Training Exemption in Doubt

Agricultural Region MLC Rick Mazza of the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party has expressed concerns about the proposed removal of payroll tax exemption for trainees and apprentices.

Mr Mazza said the forecast revenue increase of $80-100 million to the government by reducing the training exemption and quarantined for training under a grants scheme is yet to be detailed.
“Without details of the grants scheme the parliament is flying blind as to how that will be redirected,” he said.

“I am generally dubious of grants schemes because they are notoriously bureaucratic and expensive to administer, reducing the actual money which can be spent on training.”
Mr Mazza said businesses are often frustrated by grants schemes and usually don’t apply for them due to cost and effort outweighing a grant’s benefits.

“Businesses are best placed to determine what skills their businesses require and the best way to deliver training to their employees,” Mr Mazza said.

“The more layers and levies we place on WA business reduces the competiveness in our State and national markets.”

Mr Mazza said if more control is required over the exemption, there are other control mechanisms such as percentages of workforce that can be applied.

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