Mazza seeks changes to paintball Gun Legislation

Agricultural Region MLC Rick Mazza of the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party is seeking to emulate the New South Wales government’s planned legislation changes to modify the regulatory structure for paintball guns.

In New South Wales, paintball guns will be moved from the NSW Police to the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation.

They will no longer be classified as a firearm, will be able to be licenced online to 18 year olds and the age limit for using paintball guns will be reduced.

Mr Mazza said the NSW changes will reduce red tape for the industry while maintaining robust public safety controls with a new Paintball Safety Course introduced to replace the less relevant Firearms Safety Course.

“In Western Australia, the Department of Sport and Recreation would be an appropriate agency to examine and modify the anticipated NSW Paintball Safety Course for application in WA,” Mr Mazza said.

Mr Mazza said Western Australian Firearms Regulations 1974 provide for paintball guns as Category E firearms along with cannons, line throwers, tranquiliser guns and until recently, captive bolt guns.

“Changes to remove captive bolt guns as a Category E firearm were accomplished by a simple change to Regulations approved by Minister for Police Michelle Roberts, and this was gazetted last year,” Mr Mazza said.

“I have consistently endorsed the paintball industry’s assurances around individual and community safety issues in regard to the use of paintball guns.

“I think it is appropriate for them to be removed from the Firearms Regulations and I will endeavour to advance this initiative.”

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