Contentious proposal infringes on Private Property rights

The Town of Victoria Park’s proposed local law to protect trees on all private properties has been dismissed by Agricultural Region MLC Rick Mazza of the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party as outrageous.

Mr Mazza said the idea private property owners would need to seek permission before pruning or removing their own trees was a key example of Government overreach.

“A local Council’s power should stop at the fence line,” Mr Mazza said.

“Blocking private property owners from cutting down trees on their land intrudes on their private property rights and sets a bad precedent going forward for all other Councils.

“Private property owners are entitled to make use of their land as they see fit, and that includes tree pruning and removal.”

Mr Mazza said he was heartened that the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries labelled the Town’s idea “contentious”.

“Next week in Parliament I will be recognising the fundamental proprietary right of private property ownership that underpins the social and economic security of the community,” Mr Mazza said.

“Australia needs to strike a balance between protecting private property rights and protecting the environment,” Mr Mazza said.

“Western Australians also have a right to privacy and safety on their land, which in recent times has been put at risk.”

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