Abalone stocks at risk if translocation project not expanded

Agricultural Region MLC Rick Mazza of the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party says an expansion of the Ocean Reef Marina abalone translocation project is urgently required to save Roe’s abalone stocks before they are lost forever.

DevelopmentWA has provided $150,000 to the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development to move approximately 100,000 abalone from the development envelope to reef platforms between Trigg and Hillarys.

Questions asked by Mr Mazza in Parliament on June 17, 2020 reveal that based on the completed translocation days, approximately $90,000 of the funding has been expended and expansion of the current project is not being considered at this point in time.

“After my initial doubts about the effectiveness of the abalone translocation process, it has proven to be very successful and with a high survival rate. About 68,000 abalone have already been relocated,” Mr Mazza said.

“There is plenty of work still to be done within the development envelope, and ideally the program would be extended within that area and more funding allocated to this project.

“I fear if further investment is not made soon the resource will be at risk.”

Mr Mazza said if the stated objective of the translocation project is to save abalone stock, funds to monitor abalone populations north of the redevelopment now need to be reconsidered.

“It would make more sense to invest in an expanded translocation project now that the process has been proven to work,” Mr Mazza said.

“If nothing is done, those abalone stocks north of the redevelopment will die unnecessarily. I call upon the Minister for Fisheries to reconsider his decision and provide additional funding.”

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