We won’t support a Labor renewable energy target

Shooters Fishers and Farmers MLC Rick Mazza has confirmed his party will not support Labor’s renewable energy target of 50% should Labor win Government at the State Election.

“This is an economically and morally bankrupt policy which would cause thousands of job losses and hurt our economy,” Mr. Mazza said.

“Successive Governments have been recklessly chasing the renewables industry with a cheque book signed on behalf of the WA taxpayer just to appease inner-city green groups,

“If re-elected, I alongside my colleagues will use our balance of power in the Upper House to block any moves by a Labor Government to implement a higher Renewable Energy Target than the Federal Government’s 23.5% by 2020,

“Just like coal and gas, renewables have a place in our energy mix, but the industry must exist in its own right, without taxpayer subsidy and undue Government intervention,

“People in regional communities and the outer suburbs of Perth are sick and tired of being told how great renewable energy is while the coal and gas underneath them is cheaper, keeps them employed, and pours money into the economy,

“If both major parties don’t support the coal and gas industry in policy and principle through evidence-based decision making, we’ll end up a blackout state like South Australia,

“With new technologies and the development of clean coal, Western Australia can easily secure its base load power source.”

Mr. Mazza also stated the Shooters Fishers and Farmers would not support the Nationals proposed increased mining tax.

“Facing electoral annihilation, Brendon Gyrlls adopted this reckless policy in a bid to sell himself as a maverick that can take on the big mining companies,

“It’s a bad policy that will hurt local communities and services, particularly in his district of the Pilbara.”

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